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declined a request for an on camera interview but issued this statement saying we are profoundly sorry that a student subject to bullying at our school. we take the safety of our students extremely seriously and work hard to provide the best school climate for students possible. he said the district worked close closely with the office of civil rights to design policies to help improve the environment for our students. many parents hope the federal investigation will be a wake-up call for all schools to do more to stop bullying. as a result of the investigation principals and teachers must now take special training to recognize disability based harassment. reporting live from palo alto, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. thank you, marianne. we have an update now to a developing story out of the east bay. police are involved in a standoff with a suspected bank robber. it unfolded this evening -- this morning at the easy 8 motel near 880 and maory avenue. police say three armed men stormed the bank about four
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miles away in fremont this afternoon. they escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash. right now one man has surrendered to police. two others are still inside. we're going to continue to follow this story and bring you an update as it's warranted. the nightly commute is taking longer for some cal train passengers. riders are experiencing delays of a half hour following an accident in san bruno. officials say the train struck a tractor-trailer at 2:30 this afternoon. passengers on the disabled train were transferred to another train. no report of injuries luckily. they are operating on a single track until that accident site is cleared. tonight the local impact to a global story. what next for the catholic church after the sudden announcement from the vatican that pope benedict xvi will re-sign at the end of the month? the pope says he no longer has the strength to carry out 0 the job. joe rosato jr. spoke to san
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francisco's controversial archbishop who knows the pope well. >> reporter: shortly before pope benedict was archbishop of san francisco salvator met with the pope. >> he was mentally alert and engaged in conversation, but he seemed to be fiphysically hurti. >> reporter: still, he never expected to hear the history making news pope benedict was stepping down. >> i was just as shocked as anyone else. i hadn't heard raw morse rumors speculation. >> reporter: he watched popes live longer and the stresses of the job grow harder. >> there are greater demands placed on the pope now and going forward living for a longer time. it's a different dynamic now.
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>> reporter: he says pope benedict's tenure was especially stressful with the church embroiled in the sex abuse crisis, and though the church's critics will likely disagree, he believes pope benedict will be remembered for his courage to address it. >> he was one of the leading forces in trying to address this in a more aggressive yet fair way so that justice would be done for all parties involved. >> reporter: he served under pope benedict and john paul ii hopes the same pope will walk the same theological path. though pope benedict is the first in years to resign. >> he's a scholar and is relying on prayer and study. it'll just be a little unusual. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. coming up at 6:30 a live report with reaction from other bay area catholics as well as the potential candidate to
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become the next pope. the school district is investigating allegations of an inappropriate student/teacher relationship according to "the contra costa times." investigators were made aware on friday. the teacher has been placed on administrative leave. the information to the alameda county sheriff's office. well, they are walking into your neighborhood just hours after the burglars walk away with your stuff. home security companies. and the south bay's biggest one is knocking on your door. is that for business or preying on victims? damian trujillo was there when one alarm company arrived just today, damian. >> reporter: yeah. you know what. there's no denying it, jessica. i, too, looked online and found out this block on 17th street was hit by burglars just
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yesterday. well, it seems a salesman looked at the same data so were out here today knocking on doors. >> thank you, have a nice day. >> reporter: he admits he's striking while the iron is hot. josh st. martin found out there was a burglary on this block sunday, so he mobilized. >> another one on this block. we see a report from our boss. >> reporter: josh and his partner sell home burglary alarms and today that means knocking on doors, making their sales pitch to a neighborhood just hit by burglars. >> we go around these neighborhoods. unfortunately, it's after people get broken into. >> reporter: they receive differing responses from neighbors. >> you don't mind if they come out and try to make a little business? >> mind, no. >> reporter: some victims have told nbc bay area they feel the alarm companies are preying on them one day after their break-in. others welcomed the salesman.
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>> i just wish it were a better time. >> reporter: san jose saw 5,206 burglaries in 2012 across all neighborhoods, rich and poor. that's more than a 23% jump from the year before. that information on their flyers. san jose police put together this five-minute video on how to discourage potential burglars. >> put lights on a timer and give the appearance your family is home even when you're not. exterior lights on motion sensors are an excellent way to frighten away unwanted guests. >> reporter: 30% of home burglaries occur when homeowners left a window or door open or unlocked. >> don't be a victim of home burglary. >> reporter: josh st. martin says it's a business but also a way to help people stay protected. i spoke with adt's corporate
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headquarters in florida late today. they say that it requires those across the country to abide by a sense of standards throughout the company. they say that agency does not target homes based on recent burglaries, but that's exactly what happened here today. we're live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. it's expected to be another tense evening in los gatos. the debate over a gun store has been so contentious the owner says he's been getting threats. they are expected to make a decision about a new sporting goods store selling guns on university avenue. opponents think the city should have held a public hearing before approving permits for the store. the store owner says he's simply following the rules. the debate is so heated the owner tells nbc bay area he's been receiving death threats at his home. tonight's meeting will address the permit process for gun sales and new gun regulation. well, behave yourself on b.a.r.t.
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they are enforcing a new law allowing the agency to ban riders who commit certain offenses. they include everything interest defacing properly and urinating in like to fighting and shooting. the ban can last anywhere from 30 days to one year. b.a.r.t. citizen review board will hold a community meeting tonight in oakland to discuss the changes which are expected to go into effect in may. the man blamed for one of the bay area's biggest environmental disasters now wants his license back. john cota was in charge of the cosco busan tanker back in 2007. the blame largely fell on cota and officials began the process of taking his license. going thank you the process cota voluntarily retired in 2008. the coast guard refused to renew. cota believes that violated his right to due process.
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>> he's talking a big gain but can he back it up? the governor of tex he tex hoping to lure california businesses to the lone star state. he says texas has knocked california off its perch as the business leader. governor rick perry made those controversial comments to the mercury news. this week perry had meetings with business leaders here in the bay area. san francisco and the silicon valley and down in los angeles hoping low taxes, limited regulations and lenient labor laws will be enough to convince california businesses to pack up and leave town and relocate to texas. perry reportedly took shots at governor jerry brown and said austin is poised to become the next silicon valley. they are using his vision to renew their own criticism of the business climate here. >> we have so many laws being passed in california that the first violation with the small business would be a fixed ticket instead of a fine. that would be a huge step. we should have sunset clauses on
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all these regulations every five years for review to make sure that they're legitimate. there's still a need. >> governor brown has called governor perry's visit here, quote, a cheap gimmick. >> a front row seat to the state of the union, the local leader who will be sitting with the first lady. plus -- >> reporter: it's not a new crime but it may have found a new target. i'm jodi hernandez in the east bay. i'll show you how time may be added to your commute. the story straight ahead. a high risk rescue plays out as our nbc chopper was overhead. the story behind the hair-raising rescue just ahead. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. temperatures dropping quickly this hour. low to mid-50s throughout the tri-valley and 54 in san jose. we could hit 32 degrees for tomorrow morning coming up in 15 minutes.
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if your commute seems to be getting longer, copper wire thieves may be to blame. a live look at traffic along interstate 280 in san jose. caltrans says they are causing millions of dollars in damage across the bay area and creating commuting headaches. jodi hernandez is live in castro valley. jodi, that area has been hit really hard, too. >> reporter: it really has, jessica. i'm standing at the entrance of highway 238 and 580 in castro valley. now these metering light message signs should be lit up at this hour but, as you can see, they are dark. it's all because of copper thieves. those copper crooks are causing commuters some major driving delays. you're looking at a scene that's become all too common in the bay area. crews working to replace and
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repair copper wiring along bay area highways. caltrans and its workers can barely keep up. >> we get reports almost every day of another sign or another group of lights that isn't working. >> reporter: and that's causing major traffic headaches adding to the gridlock throughout the bay area as electronic message signs and metering lights go dark. >> i know you have any kind of significa signal lights down or metering lights or even street lights, overhead lights are down. all of that's going to have a negle negative impact on traffic, slow people down. >> reporter: this worker shows us where the thieves cut the copper wire that powers metering lights along highway 238. copper crooks pulled 10,000 feet of wire from 100 boxes. contractors say it's happening all over the region. >> 680, mission, stone creek, 580 livermore, everybody.
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>> reporter: that's costing commuters time and money. caltrans says they're spending $2 million a year in the bay area alone. the copper wire repairs. >> that $2 million could be better spent on, say, filling potholes, preparing guardrails, all the other things we have to do as a maintenance district. so this is costing everyone. >> reporter: we are back here live. you can see this sign is dark just like we're told many signs throughout the bay area. caltrans is protecting its wiring including using aluminum when possible and burying the wire deeper into the ground, reporting live in castro valley, i'm jodi hernandez. nbc bay area news. road work near santana road in the south bay could cause some headaches over the next three days. crews will be temporarily closing several on and off ramps and lanes where stevens creek boulevard converges with 280 and
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880 in santa clara. it will take place between midnight and 7:00 a.m. the goal of the project is to improve traffic flow and safety. after being convicted of beating a teenage poodle to death for wandering into his yard. he told authorities he beat the dog because he thought it might live past his dog. he was convicted of maliciously killing an animal and animal cruelty. will be sentenced in march. >> a devastating loss. investigators are trying to figure out what happened to this man who was found dead outside of cal-poly. another student called 911 after finding him unresponsive. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. at this point police don't suspect foul play.
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he was studying biology. back on solid and safe ground, a man needed to be rescued after getting stuck on the cliff today. emergency crews were called to the scene just after 1:30 in the afternoon. has climbed up on some rocks on the north end of the beach but wasn't able to get back down. rescuers rappelled the cliff to reach the man who was shaken but not badly injured. let's bring in our chief sun meteorologist, jeff ranieri. like a summer day, it seems like. >> in september across a lot of the bay area, the component that helps us get all this rare sunshine today, these winds out of the northwest from 10 to 20 miles an hour, 5 to 10 feet so you do want to be heading out to the beach even for tomorrow. we talked about those northwest winds, warming us close to 70 degrees today.
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santa rosa. 68 on the vineyard in napa. 63 in the almeda valley. cool into the valley with 58 degrees. now a look right now outside here at the current temperatures and what you can see primarily 50s across most of california, the clear skies in place. it's going to be cold no matter where you're at here. if you're doing a road trip, you also expect some jacket weather in the forecast. right now we're seeing 46 in petaluma and down to the south bay a closer zoom-in. you can see 51 in cupertino. let's take you outside of that live hd sky camera network and you have clear skies in san jose. the haze and the air quality is going to continue to get worse over the next couple of days and this in emeryville this is an awesome sunset. a little bit of an added layer there. we got that cleared off. we're going to see these skies continuing to stay clear once again as we head throughout the next two days. we have high pressure building
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offshore. that's going to bring us the offshore wind to give us this mild trend of weather with mainly 60s. we can't rule out a few 70s throughout the week. the other thing ma may be causing you problems, it's the pollen. moderate levels for tree, june perfect and also for birch. tomorrow we're going to start off with the coldest levels in the indian valley. 30s expected in the morning. sunny and hazy by midday. mid-50s inland and then throughout the afternoon, low 60s for those interior valleys. on that three-day forecast, sunny throughout tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. our chances of rain coming up, you guys. we'll also talk about who ranks as the driest ever since record keeping started for 2013 here across the bay area. some unbelievable numbers you don't want to miss. >> jeff, we'll see you in a few minutes. just ahead, critically important vitamin supplements but are you getting what you paid for? the surprising findings next. also coming up, keeping
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america safe comes at a price. has president obama gone further than president bush? tonight's reality check. firing back, the ceo cries foul against "the new york times." i'm scott budman at the new silicon valley office. coming up, a first look inside the company that wants to be known not just for super bowl ads but for job growth.
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from cupertino to washington, d.c., a very special seat in the state of the union address. apple confirming ceo it tim cook will sit with the first lady during the president's speech. now you may remember last year the first lady hosted the widow of apple co-founder steve jobs during the state of the union. it's going to be quite a busy day. it begins with a keynote speech at san francisco's goldman sachs event and then off to d.c.
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we will, of course, have complete live coverage of the president's state of the union and the republican response right here on nbc bay area. our live coverage begins tomorrow evening at 5:45. a silicon valley mogul is furious at the "new york times." scott budman is here with more on the war that's unfolding online. >> reporter: that's where tesla ceo first responded to a "new york times" article. it claimed tesla model s sedan ran out of electricity earlier than the company said during a trip. they called the article a fake saying they did not properly charge the car first. "the times" says it stands by the article. now a word from our sponsor. it's not our sponsor but a company willing to pay millions of dollars to force you to watch scantily clad women talk tech. i'm talking more than a maker of commercials. also, as of today, a growing force in silicon valley. >> there are two sides to go daddy.
6:24 pm
>> reporter: it's the company you know because of their advertisements and they get it. >> while there's some controversy around our commercial at the super bowl. >> reporter: is laughing all the way to the bank. and into its new silicon valley office. growing as a company thanks in part to those famous tv spots. >> they actually do an amazing job of brand building for us. when people think about domains or hosting a website, godaddy enters their mind. >> reporter: powering its way to more business by becoming the best known web hosting company buying other companies like outright and m-dot then announcing plans to double its silicon valley staff by the end of the year. >> silicon valley is unique in the world. silicon valley has exceptional talent, concentrated into a single area and exceptional talent in internet technology is what go daddy is build iing.
6:25 pm
>> reporter: planting itself in front of the quickly expanding downtown and letting other would-be tech hubs in the news know this is the place to be. >> i just watched the news clip on tv, and the governor of texas doesn't have a chance, does he? >> reporter: in sunnyvale, scott budman, nbc bay area news. well, it's more common than you think. the problems with credit reports that could be costing you money. >> and then it hasn't happened in 600 years. reaction to the pope's decision to step down. plus, who are the candidates that may succeed him? the trail is growing cold but authorities make a big announcement in the case of an ex-cop on the run. and just weeks after lifting the ban on women in combat, the defense department changes the rules once again next in "world tonight." ooh kfc. hey, you're supposed to wait for everybody.
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today's stunning announcement has the world buzzing. pope benedict xvi is stepping down. >> the upon it tiff says he no longer has the mental or physical capacity to carry out his duties. he was advised not to take any more transatlantic trips. pope benedict has spent most of his time grappling with child sex abuse scandals will leave his post. that stunning resignation the first of its kind in more than 600 years. nbc bay area's kris sanchez joins us from san jose with reaction from some local parishioners. kris? >> reporter: hi there, jess. as you mentioned the pope received a major international organization but for folks who are catholic and living in the bay area, they say what he does is largely symbolic and that his nation retirement and a new pope coming in will have little impact. >> such a remarkable thing. >> when santa clara student
6:29 pm
natalie collins studied in rome, she made a point pope benedict xvi in person. she said this was a thrill but not an integral part of her faith. >> a huge decision but it's a lot more local community based. >> the day-to-day level, i doubt that most catholics will feel a significant difference. >> reporter: father michael mccarthy says some of the elder members of the church are disappointed pope benedict won't serve, he sees the resignation as thoughtful and humble. >> consistent with what he has been saying for a while. if you look at him, you can see that he is frail and he's 85 years old. that's a lot of pressure to have as an 85-year-old man. >> reporter: but some catholics don't like the pope's break with the tradition of serving until death. >> i'm very disappointed because, in my lifetime, every pope has all of the natural death. >> reporter: some say they hope the pope will be young er and
6:30 pm
interested in change. mccarthy says he hopes the next will not be drastically different. >> chosen by john paul ii and benedict xvi. >> reporter: still, local catholics say they'll pray for their church and hope for a well thoughtout decision on benedict's replacement. >> the pope doesn't affect me on a regular basis. but he does affect big changes in the church. >> reporter: none of us has ever seen a resignation of a pope before, but it is possible that as we live longer than perhaps we are capable of, we might see more resignations in the future. >> thank you. more details on the early front-runner to be the next pontiff. cardinal peter turkson head of the vatican justice and peace bureau. nigeria's francis arinze. if selected either would become
6:31 pm
the first black pope in history. also on the list of possible replacements marc ouellet of canada. position of pontiff once reserved only for italians is open to all cardinals. the disgruntled ex-cop still on the run. southern california is still on edge. today a prosecutor in southern california stepped in and filed criminal charges against kr christopher dorner. nbc bay area's janelle wang? the attempted murder of three officers in an enhanced charge of special circumstances could mean the death penalty for christopher dorner. the former los angeles police officer is also accused of killing the daughter of a police c captain and her fiance, all of it apparently in revenge for his firing from the police force in 2008. authorities are looking into 700 tips after announcing a $1
6:32 pm
million reward yesterday for information leading to dorner's arrest. >> we need all of the public's eyes and ears in assisting law enforcement in apprehending this very dangerous individual. >> police admit the trail has gone cold. their last lead was last thursday when they found his truck. a door-to-door search of 600 cabins turned up nothing. thousands showed up at cowboys stadium this afternoon to remember a former navy s.e.a.l. sniper murdered earlier this month. 38-year-old chris kyle and a friend were shot to death at a shooting range in north texas. police arrested 25-year-old iraqi war veteran who was also at the range with the two men. kyle wrote the best-selling book american sniper and was reportedly the most lethal sniper in u.s. military history.
6:33 pm
just weeks after lifting the ban on combat, another groundbreaking decision today. secretary leon panetta says it will now extend certain benefits. they include emergency leads, commissary privileges and access to welfare. overseas now. they have captured the country's largest hydroelectric dam. the seizure by rebels is not expected to have a major impact. offering to negotiate a peaceful departure from al asad who has made no indication of stepping down. the indian government is ordering a thorough investigation after a deadly stampede in the northern indian state. 38 people are confirmed dead. most were returning from a large hindu festival held once every 12 years and attended by 40 million people.
6:34 pm
railway officials are blaming the government for not warning them of the mass crowd. jessica? >> thank you, janelle. then candidate barack obama promised to roll back many of the national security programs from the bush administration which he felt stepped on american civil liberties. today a new poll shows voters appear to think president obama is just as bad if not worse than his predecessor when it comes to trading his civil liberties for security. tonight's reality check, sam brock joins us and takes a look at one of president obama's policies warrant that kind of criticism. good evening. there's a perception among some folks that president obama governed far to the left. the truth is when it comes to defending our country, actually far more conservative. i think some of the most controversial elements of president bush's policy, adding some of his own to the mix. from drone strikes he first targeted killing to nsa
6:35 pm
wiretapping, both presidents bush and obama have found themselves tiptoeing the line protecting our country and violating civil liberties in the war on terror. which president has gone farther? here are the it typical responses from bay area residents when we posed that question monday. >> i would say george w. bush. i'm not 100% pleased with president obama's record on civil liberties. >> under the name of homeland security. now that was started in bush but now obama was so much better, would he not change? of course not. >> reporter: the type of tepid response displayed for both presidents is reflecting the latest national polling. according to a recent study conducted by the hill, 37% of voters argue president obama has been worse than president bush in balancing civil liberties and national security. with 15% rating him about the same. and the reality is they're right. civil liberties have not become more protected under president
6:36 pm
obama. despite banning certain interrogation techniques deemed to be torturous like waterboarding and closing guantanamo prison which, by the way, still hasn't happened, the president has continued many bush-era policies, controversial ones at that. he's extended the patriot act, continued wiretapping which he voted to legalize as a senator, he has created his own controversy as well. the use of drone strikes. >> there has been little transparency in these programs. obama has criticized the bush administration extensively for not disclosing information about controversial programs, and he's done exactly the same thing. >> reporter: during john brennan's cia confirmation hearings the nominee refused to divulge to congress details of the covert programs. but here are some of the facts. drone attacks in pakistan over the last decade compiled by the new america foundation, the
6:37 pm
total number of strikes fewer than 20 under president bush. president obama has taken office, they've numbered in the hundreds with little oversight outside of the executive branch. >> if president bush were behind the targeted killing policies, there would be outcries of outrage and yet here we have a politically tricky situation because it's a member of their own party. be abdicating policies that are more in the dark and more aggressive. >> it is also noted public opinion has changed and we don't see such methods of interrogation and wiretapping as issues anymore. no matter how you dissect the question, the fact remains president obama has maintained near complete secrecy over a lethal program while continuing many of the policies of his predecessors. the poll is spot on. i'm sam brock and that's today's reality check. thank you. up next, they're back and ready to defend their title.
6:38 pm
back to work in the desert. some of the giants arriving for duty at spring training. we'll take you inside of the clubhouse. and does the dose match the label? research involving a common supplement. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. a lot of sunshine today. that's going to continue for tuesday. here is a sneak peek. the numbers with plenty of 30s. we'll talk more about decreasing air quality and who ranks the driest ever on record for 2013 in just a few minutes.
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the federal trade commission says one in five consumers has an error in their credit report issued by major agencies. the study looked at credit reports issued for 1,000
6:41 pm
consumers. 5% of the consumers identified errors in their reports that could lead to them paying for -- more for mortgages, auto loans, and financial products. most economists agree it's important for consumers to check your reports at least once a year. >> in health matters tonight, many vitamin d supplements may not contain what the labels say they do. doctors say it's hard to overdose on the vitamin and their concern is with supplements that provide less. lack for verified pro dekts or go with a well-known bran. a natural way is to increase time in the sun, walk the dog, take a stroll in the park, can increase levels and help you lose weight. >> that is good. >> sunshine very important for the human body. >> it is. >> this monday, take us through the week. >> we're going to see some
6:42 pm
changes. people enjoy that sunshine. we have a little bit more coming your way. a live look outside in san francisco. i have that full weather report coming up in a few minutes. [ male announcer ] tender sirloin and a succulent lobster tail... for an incredible $16.99. share the love this valentine's, with sizzler's steak & lobster. share the love this valentine's, did you just turn your ringer off so no one would interrupt oh no, i... just used my geico app to get a tow truck.
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>> something like that. >> yes. i know, just kind of sneaking up here on us. we should have a lot more rainfall for this time of the year, you guys. that doppler radar is looking too familiar from what we have seen the past two months absolutely dry. and here are some of the latest information coming had in now that we are looking at information from january 1st to the current calendar year, we are on track for the driest ever on record for napa, san francisco, and santa cruz. let me step out of the way to digest these numbers. napa this year, that's .37 of an inch of rainfall. and santa cruz nearly an inch but you should have nearly 9 inches. again, a very huge rain disparity across the bay area and this is now all these cities ranking the driest ever on record and that goes way back to
6:45 pm
1849 on those records. now let's get a look with the stagnant air in place. not a whole lot of wind tomorrow. at moderate levels and also for the south bay, this may aggravate your allergies as pollen is also going to be on the increase. temperatures in the north bay with upper 40s. also 54 currently in san jose. take you outside of that live camera network. we would like to give you a window to the south bay and we are mainly clear down in the silicon valley and as we take you up to san francisco we are also undergoing some clear skies. we do have some low level moisture showing up there but we're not expecting a huge fogg event tomorrow. take a look at this unusual pattern. this region of high pressure is so strong. august and september, that storm track is way off to the north. alaska and canada, high pressure
6:46 pm
build i building offshore. this will give us a slight wind here that's going to move more out of the north. that will keep the mild weather here for tuesday and also wednesday. but here's the thing. it's not going to be full-on beach weather at the coastline. temperatures will surge up a little bit. but with the slight onshore flow, we'll stay with mainly 50s at the immediate coastline. back for the interior valley, plenty of widespread 60s. the only hitch in the forecast will be we start off in the morning. if you don't get to sleep in, you don't get to get up at 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning, up at 5:00 in the morning, they're going to need the jackets to start. 32 in santa rosa. 33 in livermore. 36 in san jose. but what is remarkable is how much these temperatures are going to surge for tuesday after those mid and upper 30s in the south bay. we're going to go to 64 in san jose. back for the east bay, also a 30 to 33 degree temperature jump by the afternoon with low 60s so, yes, you'll start off with a jacket, maybe a few layers. by the afternoon i think you're going to be doing good there. maybe some long sleeves will work fine for you.
6:47 pm
dry through thursday's forecast. as you look ahead to the upcoming weekend, i'd love to put rainfall on here. we need it so bad. it is not in the cards. we will have cloud cover increasing and dry weather stays in the mix all the way through s sunday and also on monday. so the odd thing, again, for the rainfall season, we are nearly 100% of normal because of all the rain we had in november and december but because of how dry we've been in january and february we're now ranking the driest ever on record. >> amazing. >> since the 1800s. >> wow. >> yes. >> what a difference a month makes. it's crazy. thank you, guys. nbc bay area is the proud broadcast home of the world series champs. and this year, this time of year, we head south. it's happy new year, baseball is back. over the next couple of weeks, nbc bay area's laurence scott. we begin with the champs and
6:48 pm
some familiar faces. >> reporter: greetings from arizona, inside the giants clubhouse in scottsdale stadium and pitchers and catchers don't officially report until tomorrow. we caught up with a lot of the guys who made their way to the stadium here today. and that's where equipment manager mike murphy and staff were helping the players get unpacked and ready for an eventful spring ahead. >> i think all the guys like to show up early. they always like to get out of arizona and try to acclimate to the weather a little bit. tougher weather. usually in the sunshine it's rainy. we just have a lot of fun together. >> for me i live in the north pole and need to get downer who where it's warm and play some catch a little bit. it's always fun when you come to the clubhouse and you have the groomed fields and the training staff. you have the players. it gives your mentality, hey, we have to get it going here. for me, i kind of have to tell myself, hey, you have to get it
6:49 pm
going here. >> reporter: and a good deal of position players like brandon crawford are already on the scene. >> it's nice. we have a lot of the same guys back from last year. so it's like a reunion here coming back and everybody getting together and we're all real excited because, like i said, we have the same guys coming back. we hope to do the same thing. >> reporter: and they will continue unpacking tomorrow as the rest report for the very first workout on wednesday. the giants in scottsdale, i'm laurence scott. back to you in the stewudio. >> i can't believe we're talking baseball already. >> it's amazing. jim kozimor joins us from our sports comcast -- >> you should have your bow tie on. >> maybe tomorrow 0. happy new year. you are exactly right. let's get it rolling. hard to believe but, yes, baseball is officially back. pitchers and catchers, the oakland athletics reported to spring training today and, man, do they have a great place to do it. the backdrop there.
6:50 pm
phoenix, arizona, the green and gold. they'll be there for the next month and a half. we have someone there as well. our kate long worth, the defending champions. it appears you're reporting from alaska. it's cold down there. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. the first day of spring but someone forgot to tell arizona that spring training was starting because it was raining when the a's players arrived at the facility here in phoenix today. but they didn't let the weather dampen their spirits. today was only the day to play catch. it's safe to say the a.l. west defending champions are ready to get back out there and pick up where they left off. >> kind of exciting. you're seeing your friends and obviously your co-workers again for the first time. it's a lot of fun seeing those faces again. obviously it's nice to get back out here and something that we love to do and see the faces again. >> it was a little different
6:51 pm
than last year. no question about it. we wouldn't allow them to wear jackets or pullovers so we could see a number or a name. not quite the case this year. >> reporter: after making a name for themselves in 2012 the a's players have an added incentive this spring as they take the field ready to defend their a.l. west title. >> i don't think anyone wanted it to end. i could have kept playing baseball like that for the rest of my life. >> i don't really know what happens now. playing so many games and winning games. we swept the rangers and were in the playoffs. it's better that way. a group of kids that didn't know what was happening. it was fun. like i said, hopefully go out. >> show the things we're capable of. that little bit we can take that into this year and, you know, be a full season or just the ten games. >> reporter: and the major difference i noticed today versus last year on report day was the energy in the clubhouse. last year it was violent. these are all new players afraid of saying or doing the wrong
6:52 pm
thing but today there's a different swagger that comes from a team that made the playoffs. the music was up and you don't have to guess what song was playing. of course move it like bernie. and so i can confirm, the a's are ready to get it started in 2013. reporting live in chilly a arizona, i'm kate longworth, nbc bay area news. >> we'll have you back again tomorrow. football. the 49ers quarterback chris culliver had a rough week especially following homophobic comments. he began visiting with sick children at the ronald mcdonald house. >> like i said, more to continue. projects like this or anything, i've been dealing with this project for two months now. it's like i'm a little kid at the candy store. anxious to see him. hearing from all the battles and things he went through and to
6:53 pm
see him out here, he had a big smile on his face and just the love, today was the first day coming outside. >> now on to hoops, the warriors make headlines in the fashion world today. they unveiled uniforms with short sleeves attached to them. 26% lighter than the traditional heavy jerseys and made of 60% recycled materials. the warriors will wear those uniforms in a game february 22nd, that's a home game against the san antonio spurs. the sharks finishing up in columbus, ohio. they lose five straight games. pitchers and catchers are here, guys. that's all that matters. maybe a bow tie just for you. >> i kind of like seeing the guns. >> yes, you do.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
a local leader is calling for more accountability and officials are already making changes as the investigative unit exposed how restaurant inspection system is weak. we found the county doesn't have a scoring system for restaurants and doesn't post any inspection reports leaving customers in the dark. the county has taken a step backwards when it comes to getting information about restaurants' health inspections to consumers. >> having all that information either filed away in a filing cabinet somewhere or displayed in a way online that's not user friendly means we lose all the benefits we otherwise might have. >> tonight at 11:00 hear the plans moving forward and what changes the county made after our investigation exposed that
6:57 pm
lack of accountability. >> very interesting story. we're going to leave you with a big thank you. hopefully you have a great night. we'll see you soon -- tonight at 11:00.
6:58 pm
>> now on "extra" -- breaking brandy news. red carpet on high alert for the accused cop killer. >> i just hope everyone's safe. >> mario and a.j. are there as charlie releases a surprise video message. >> christopher dorner, i'm urging you to call me. >> were the grammy stars in danger? then -- >> chris brown is here hours after crashing his car.
6:59 pm
>> new video of brown's mangled porsche as chris and rihanna hit the town like nothing ever happened. then -- >> whoa! they didn't say nothing about legs. >> did the grammy stars follow the too sexy rules? we're going to go down the checklist. no butt cheeks or butt crack exposed. >> how we made nicole kidman's eyes pop out of her head. >> look at that! >> plus, all-new grammy candids backstage. now trending, bieber's pot-smoking apology on "snl." and dave's annual "si" exclusive ruined. >> how kate upton's new cover leaked out before letterman. >> but first -- >> where are we, carrie? >> we're at the grammys. >> duh! >> it's me, kathy griffin with, gosh, right on the tip of my tongue. right on the tip of my -- [bleep]. >> hi, everyone, welcome to "extra." i'm maria menounos with what's his name. >> very funny. i'm mario lopez. it was another huge grammy night i'm mario lopez. it was another huge grammy night last night.

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